(Makes about 30)

These are ridiculously simple and taste lovely. Their sugary tops make them seem thoroughly festive and special, and they make great gifts.

175g butter

125g sugar

1 tsp grated lemon rind

300 – 325g Gluten Free Cake and Biscuit mix

Cream butter, sugar and lemon rind.

Add flour, starting with 300g. If the mixture feels too sticky to roll out successfully, add the other 25g and mix well.

Roll out 2 to 3mm thick and cut into star or other shapes with a biscuit cutter.

Dip the tops of the biscuits in sugar and place on baking trays.

Bake at 180C for 15 – 20 minutes or until lightly browned. Lift carefully off the trays and transfer to wire rack to cool. Store in an airtight tin.