Flavour Blends Dry Mixes

Flavour Blends are salt- or sugar based dry mixes designed to add flavour and sometimes colour to sweet or savoury products without altering the product in any other way. Dry flavouring blends provide a convenient solution for boosting a wide range of flavours. Whether you are preparing pies, sausages, potato chips, snack food, popcorn or chocolates – our flavouring premixes offer an easy way to achieving authentic and delicious flavours.

Flavour Blends

Some products we offer:

  • Popcorn Flavour Blends
  • Kiwi Onion Flavour
  • Smoky Bacon Flavour
  • Sweet Chili Flavour
  • Nacho Cheese Flavour

Whether large-scale food manufacturing or hospitality industry, reducing preparation time is a key to saving costs.

The use of shelf-stable pre-blended flavour blends immediately cuts down on time spent measuring out separate ingredients as well as removing the time needed to blend them evenly.

Our flavour blends are versatile and straightforward to use.

By carefully combining flavours, herbs and spices, we have created flavours which can be used for different applications simultaneously, helping you create a flavour-coordinated line of products or a signature base flavour to which to add your own personal touch.

Consistency in flavour and ease of use are some of the reasons our flavour blends are popular with both food manufacturers and home cooks. As the blends are dehydrated, the ingredients have a much longer shelf life than fresh alternatives and take up little to no space in any pantry. 

Whether you are creating a new product or re-imagining an existing one, simply add one of our flavour blends into your recipe and watch the flavours come alive – all without the hassle of measuring, chopping and mixing individual ingredients.

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