Sugar and Sugar Free Based Blends

Sugar based blends are a secret weapon, offering a versatile and convenient method to enhance the taste and appearance of a wide range of foods. We carefully design our blends by pairing sugar, flavouring ingredients and colours (if desired) to create a perfect combination of visual and taste appeal. Sugar-based blends are available as premixes for icing, glazes or frostings, as sprinkles on baking goods or snack foods – or as a pantry staple to add a little something extra to sweet sandwiches, pancakes, crêpes, popcorn, your cup of coffee, etc. Let your creativity flow!

sugar and sugar free based blends

Our current range includes:

  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Caramel Sugar Glaze
  • Icing Premix
  • Instant Hot Chocolate
  • Instant Chai Drink
  • Sugar-Replacer

For sugar-conscious lifestyles, we have developed a wide range of sugar-free blends where we use natural sweeteners instead of refined sugars.

These blends provide a healthier alternative to the traditional sugar blends without compromising on appeal and flavour.

By incorporating sweeteners such as stevia, erythritol, monk fruit and more, we are able to produce a blend that delivers a similar level of sweetness without the added calories and blood sugar spikes.

We can use this same approach to reduce the amount of sugar present in blends, carefully replacing sugars with sweeteners in existing formulations.

This allows us to transform products to be suitable for health-conscious customers and markets. 

In addition to sugar-based premixes and sprinkles, our product range includes sweet drink premixes.

Be it a steaming cup of hot chocolate, hot cocoa, decadent white hot chocolate or sweet spiced chai – all our sweet powdered drink premixes are designed to taste just as good, if not better, as if prepared from scratch.

The just-add-water format cuts down valuable preparation time to mere seconds, making these products indispensable for the hospitality industry as well as the pantry of a busy household! 

Give our sugar-based blends or their sugar-reduced counterparts a try and you will be amazed at just how sweet and delectable they are.

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