Stock Soup Sauce and Gravy Premixes

We offer a wide range of dry-blend base mixes perfect for creating a variety of liquid products, from stocks and sauce to soup and gravy. Our pre-packaged mixes help to cut down preparation time and hassle while guaranteeing you will get the same delicious flavour every single time.

stock soup sauce and gravy premixes

Powder Sauce Mixes

  • Cheese Sauce
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Pasta Sauce

Gravy Mixes

  • Chicken
  • Brown
  • Beef
  • BBQ
  • Red Wine & Tomato
  • Pie Gravies

Stocks are an essential part of many dishes, but can be time-consuming to make. Our dry blend mixes offer an easy and efficient alternative, perfect for any application from a home-cooked meal right through to a commercial kitchen. Our recipes contain a carefully selected range of herbs, spices and extracts, helping to create a robust and authentic taste in your favourite dishes.

Our soup premixes make preparation a breeze, and come in a range of flavours. Need dinner in a rush? Simply add liquid and optionally fresh ingredients to one of our base blends and voila!

Our soups can also be used to create flavourful dips, or as a flavour boost in a wide range of dishes.

Whether you are making pasta, a roast or anything in-between, gravy and sauce can be the make-or-break component of these dishes, requiring a certain level of skill to get just right.

We level the playing field and remove the uncertainty by offering dry powder premixes which are guaranteed to create a delicious and consistent product.

Our blends can be a game-changer for any kitchen.

With the convenience, versatility and mouth-watering results, Profile Products dry-blend premixes are essential for anyone looking to produce tasty, nutritious meals in a fraction of the time required to cook liquid meal components from scratch.

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