Dry Glazes

Dry Glazes will redefine the way you look at preparing meat or poultry. Our dry glaze mixes add flavour, convenience and efficiency to any kitchen. Prepared using a carefully selected and tantalising combination of herbs, spices, and seasonings, dry glazes add colour and visual appeal to any dish while also enhancing the overall flavour profile. Conveniently packaged and easy to use, our dry glazes are perfect for any meal.

dry glazes

Some products we offer:

  • Chinese Glaze
  • Peanut-Free Satay Glaze
  • BBQ Glaze
  • Demi-Glaze
  • Flavour-Free Glaze Base

For professional chefs, restaurants and catering services, the use of dry glazes offers several key benefits aside from deliciousness.

Our blends come ready mixed and measured, saving valuable time and effort otherwise spent on extensive ingredient preparation.

Profile Products’ dry glazes have a long shelf-life and take up minimal storage space, while ensuring a consistent product every time.

The finely tuned combination of flavours in our premixes guarantees a customised taste experience, allowing chefs to maintain their signature dishes and meet customer expectations time and time again.

Dry glazes also do wonders for the visual presentation of meat and vegetable dishes. When mixed with liquid, the carefully selected ingredients create a beautiful, appetising glaze that adds a pleasing touch to the plate.

Presentation is key in any restaurant or food service setting, and our glazes guarantee a positive visual experience for your customers or guests.

From saving time and pantry space to ensuring convenience and consistency, our premixes offer a competitive advantage for any commercial culinary space. Explore our wide range of glazes and sprinkles or contact us to create a product tailored to your specific needs.

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