Proteins and Functional Foods

For those seeking convenient and nutritious options to supplement their active lifestyle, our dry blend protein mixes are an absolute must. Our flavoured blends are carefully formulated to provide the maximum amount of protein per serve without compromising on flavour. Aimed at improving protein intake in active individuals and helping with fitness goals, our flavoured protein products are a healthy addition to a varied diet.

proteins and functional foods

Our current range includes:

  • Vanilla Pea Protein Blends
  • Chocolate Pea Protein Blends
  • Flavoured Whey Protein Blends

At Profile Products we understand that common branded protein powders can be overpriced and over-sweetened, so we developed a range of protein-based dry blends with carefully selected ingredients.

Our mixes offer a hassle-free solution to boosting daily intake and are designed to help anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. We utilise traditional dairy-based protein as well as vegan options. Our vegan range includes pea proteins and hemp proteins, and we continuously monitor the market for any emerging new protein sources.

Our blends are sweetened with natural sweeteners, providing maximum taste without the addition of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Our range of premixes also includes protein-fortified blends, such as protein-rich soups, baking mixes and flavoured drinks, helping you boost your daily protein intake with simple substitutions in your everyday life.

Just like protein powders, functional foods can play a vital role in supporting overall health and well-being when added to a balanced diet. Our mixes are designed to combine key ingredients, which promote specific health benefits such as digestion and immune support.

Our blends offer customers a convenient way to incorporate functional foods into their everyday diet.

At Profile Products, our carefully designed mixes offer a convenient and effective way to support health and fitness goals.

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