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What is Food Product Development?

Food Product Development is the process of creating new food products or improving upon existing ones. At Profile Products ours is a comprehensive process starting with concept development and market research, resulting in recipe creation, testing and evaluation, and culminating in production and market trials. We work closely with customers to create custom recipes that reflect exactly what they are looking for in a functional culinary product. Our goal is to create food products that are not only delicious and nutritious, but also cost-effective, sustainable and profitable for our customers.

Steps to develop Food Products

Our Product Development team works closely with suppliers to ensure that we have access to a wide range of high-quality ingredients to create a unique product tailored to your exact requirements. Flavour, colour and texture are all important parts of the evaluation process and we do our utmost to ensure that your unique product matches the sensory profiles you have requested.

Our team regularly reviews current market movements and trends; we then apply these insights to product development to identify and create product lines which will complement and enhance your current product portfolio.

Based on each specific development brief, the team of in-house food scientists develops a product concept before conducting extensive bench trials to fine-tune the product formulation. We work closely with customers to ensure any bespoke product meets their specific requirements, be it taste, texture, suitability to dietary requirements, absence of allergens or a specific functionality.

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Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing and production are crucial elements in food product development. Our industry knowledge and supplier relationships not only enable us to create a unique product that suits your specific requirements, but also to enhance production of our customers’ current range of recipes. We specialise in identifying cost efficiencies, allowing us to optimise the manufacturing process while adding value to an existing product range. 

At Profile Products, we provide quality and safety assurance by adhering strictly to industry standards and regulations. For more information on the food safety certifications we hold, please visit our Quality Assurance page. Our factory is GMO and peanut-free. We operate to strict allergen control protocols – ensuring your product is exactly as ordered, without any contamination of allergens. Our expert team is happy to offer support to any level of business, from a start-up to a market giant and we pride ourselves on offering a product you can trust. For more information browse our available range here