Meat Rubs and Marinade Powders

Dry blend mixes for meat rubs and marinade powders have been a revolution when it comes to preparing and cooking meat. They can add incredible flavour to grilled, roasted or smoked dishes and are straight-forward and easy to use. Our pre-packaged blends feature a carefully selected combination of herbs, spices and seasonings to help infuse your meats with flavour and tenderness. 

meat rubs and marinade powders

Some products we offer:

  • BBQ Rub
  • Pepper Rub
  • Mint & Rosemary Lamb Rub
  • Seafood Rub
  • Honey Soy Marinade

Meat rubs and marinade powders are a ‘must’ when it comes to enhancing the flavour of your favourite meats.

At Profile Products our rubs are designed with versatility in mind, and are meant to complement the character of a variety of meats.

From chicken and pork to beef, venison, fish and seafood, we have a blend for every occasion.

The best thing about our dry blends is that they will achieve the same delicious flavour every time.

Our carefully designed recipe rubs and marinades guarantee a balanced blend of flavours that will leave your mouth watering. 

Whether you are a backyard barbecue enthusiast or a commercial chef, dry blend mixes for meat rubs and marinades offer convenience and delicious results.

Save yourself time as well as the effort of mixing and of measuring ingredients by opting for one of our meat rubs, marinades or premixes.

Just massage your preferred proteins with the dry blend rub, or mix the marinade powder with your choice of liquids and let the flavours develop while the meat tenderizes. 

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