Coatings and Batters

Profile Products’ dry blend pre-mixes for coatings and batters are designed to create the perfect crunch to complement a variety of proteins and vegetables. Our expert team of food technicians has carefully put together a range of products that has just the right balance of thickening agents and seasonings to ensure consistent and delicious results every single time. 

coatings and batters

Our range includes:

  • Tempura Batters
  • Plain Batters
  • Hot Dog Batters
  • Crispy Batters
  • Beer Batters
  • Sweet Batters
  • Flavoured Batters
  • Nut Coating System

The beauty of a pre-mixed batter or coating is in its simplicity when it comes to preparation. Instead of measuring individual ingredients, just add the required amount of liquid, mix together and you have a perfectly textured batter ready to use for your favorite meals.

Our proven combinations of ingredients ensure a balanced texture, resulting in light, fluffy and crispy battered product.

Our mixes are versatile, and we can tailor our recipes to your specific dietary requirements, while providing amazing texture and flavour.

We offer wheat-based as well as gluten-free options and can offer sodium-reduction on most lines. From tempura and savoury batters right through to sweet and flavoured coatings, we have the perfect solution for any application.

Get in touch to enquire regarding your specific requirements.

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