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Food blending is the process of combining or blending various ingredients to produce an enhanced product either for further processing in the food industry or for use by the consumer. This method is common in the manufacture of a wide range of food products, including baking mixes, seasonings, soup mixes and coatings.

To achieve a consistent product ready for market, the blending process may require mixing solid or liquid materials, or a combination of both. Food blending equipment is generally designed for or adapted to the nature of the components and the desired final result. Some blends, for example, may necessitate the use of high-speed mixers or blenders to ensure full mixing, whereas others may necessitate more gentle blending procedures to avoid harming the contents.

Our Superior Manufacturing Processes

Through our customisable manufacturing equipment, we are able to create individual products to suit your specific requirements. We can blend a wide variety of products – from finely powdered flours and bakery premixes to coarse seasonings. For an overview of the products we specialise in, please visit our products section.

Through our industry expertise and extensive experience in blending a wide range of different product categories, we can guarantee our processes will:

• Save you time and money.
• Offer you broad scalability in the volume of your operation.
• Ensure food-grade quality assurance in all of your products.

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HACCP approach

National regulations provide the context to gluten-free blending

HACCP is an internationally recognised systematic and preventive approach to managing food safety. By selecting a manufacturer adhering to HACCP principles, you can be assured that the entire process of manufacturing our products is safe, consistent and based on an independently audited, proven quality system.