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What is Gluten-Free Food Blending?

Gluten-Free Food Blending is the process of creating nutritious and tasty products by combining carefully selected ingredients – resulting in an end product that is free from gluten. While crucial for those who suffer from gluten-intolerance, ongoing research has shown there can be many health benefits to reducing the amount of gluten in your diet. With Profile Products gluten-free food blends you can easily create a variety of healthy and delicious meals and snacks, substituting wheat ingredients in everything from breads to soups, smoothies and desserts. Our high-quality gluten-free food blends are a safe and convenient option for anyone looking to add gluten-free products to their diet. 

Manufacturing Process - Quality Assured

How do we assure that our blends are of the highest quality?

At Profile Products, we pride ourselves on setting the bar when it comes to excellence throughout our whole production process. Our research and development team works closely with manufacturers to ensure that our product is of the highest quality. Additionally, Quality Assurance specialists monitor and evaluate each batch that comes out of production. We regularly audit our operations to industry standards so that we deliver a product we know our customers can confidently trust. From our product development, through to our blending, packing and delivery, quality is assured and delivered upon. 

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Health and Safety - Ensuring your product is Gluten Free

National regulations provide the context to gluten-free blending

We understand the importance of ensuring that your product is truly gluten-free. We adhere strictly to the HAACP approach around prevention of contamination. We take food safety very seriously, and analyse and control risks through every step of the production process. To this end, we clean and test our machines and equipment regularly, carefully maintain the time and physical separation of gluten and gluten-free ingredients, and carry out in-house gluten checks.  Further to this, we can arrange accredited external gluten testing where required.